rOBOT is loading
rOBOT for loading of packages:

Full cycle of the process of loading and verification of labeled packages. The technology of robot interaction with business processes in retail.
Integration with retail information systems. Business efficiency due to robotization of receiving packages.
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rOBOT is loading
Package parameters
Minimum size: 12x10x40 mm;
Maximum size: 300x180x120 mm;
Diameter: from 40 mm to 180 mm;
Weight: from 5g to 1200g per package.
Effective robotization
Full cycle of robotization of the process of loading packages;
Interaction of the robot with all business processes;
Integration with all software products;
Improving business processes by automating the packages receiving area.
The robot for loading packages with labeled control consists of the following components:
Robot module for routing of packages;
Automated conveyor lines;
2D scanners;
Robot technical parameters
Productivity: up to 720 packages per hour;
Number of packages of one-time loading into the conveyor zone: up to 2000 pcs.
Each package is considered unique;
Automatic error handling.
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