rOBOT is storing
rOBOT for storing of packages:
The full cycle of retail robotization includes a robotics storage system of packages with integration to retail information systems.
Loading: from robot with labeled packages or in half automatic mode. Robot is high density storage. Delivering: inside the retail point or on an conveyor belt for a self-service dispensing point.
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rOBOT is storing
Package parameters
Minimum size: 12x10x40 mm;
Maximum size: 300x180x120 mm;
Diameter: from 40 mm to 180 mm;
Weight: from 5g to 1200g per package.
Effective robotization
Full cycle of robotization of the packaging storing process;
Interaction of the robot with all business processes;
Integration with all software products;
Improving business processes by automating the packages storing area.
The robot for loading packages with labeled control consists of the following components:
Robot module for storing of packages;
Automated conveyor line of half automatic mode;
2D scanner;
Robot technical parameters
Dispensing capacity with one manipulator during multi-picking: up to 660 packages per hour;
Number of loading packages with one manipulator in half automatic mode: up to 900 per hour;
Each package is measured and considered unique;
Automatic error handling.
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